Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tutorial- DIY Air Plant Hanger

I promised a tutorial to make a air plant hanger in my previous post, so here it is...

Curtain Rod (You could also use a stick, piece of wood, etc.)
Hot Glue Gun
Chip Clip- optional
Fishing Line
Ceiling Hooks
Glass Balls (found here)
Air Plants or Candles (found here)

1. Start by wrapping the twine around pole by hot gluing and quickly wrapping it around (Below)

TIP: Remove all puppies from your work area before you start!!

2. I found my twine had a hard time adhering, so to ensure that it stuck I put a chip-clip on it to hold it while I continued working (Below)

3. Continue to wrap the pole with twine until it has all been covered. I took a piece of twine and glued it to the ends so the color of the pole wouldn't poke through.

4. Take a large piece of twine (or chain or whatever material you would like to use) and tie it to the end of the pole (I went about 1.5 inches in). (Below)

5. Repeat on the other side. To make it look rustic I didn't trim the ends of the rope.

6. Screw in your ceiling hook(s).

7.  To hang it to the ceiling, you can either tie the 2 ends together to form a triangle (like I did) or tie each individual rope to  ceiling hook. If you think you will have a lot of weight, I would do the latter of the two.

8.  Instead of hanging it and then tying the glass balls to the pole, I put it on the floor and placed them how I wanted them arranged.

9. Tie the fishing line the the globes and then the pole. I made a larger circle when tying it to the pole so if I wanted to slide it around or arrange them a bit I would be able to.

10.  Have someone assist hanging it so the glass balls didn't bump together and break.

11. Eyeball it so it's level, stick the plants or candles in, and enjoy!

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Drew {Coral Cafe} said... Best Blogger Tips

I LOVE IT!! How precious is that!! I need to go get more now! ;) Thanks for sharing!!

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Cute idea!! Thanks so much for linking to Thrifty Thursday! :)