Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cabinet Woes

 These were the cabinets when we bought the house... not that bad, right?



The people who owned the house before us (bless their heart) tried to paint the dated, 70's cabinets a white/cream color. Unfortunatly, no prep was put into it and (to put it lightly) they looked horrible. There were gobs of paint, streak marks, and chips...everywhere.

There were also large gaps between the cabinets that needed to be filled in. And although the handles had been upgraded, the hinges were still an old, bronzy color.

Gross. That's all I have to say.

After about a year of putting the project off, I went out and bought what every girl has always wanted, a random orbital sander. And lots of primer, paint, high quality brushes/rollers, and the other 100 various materials you need to start this project.

I will admit it, I was niave to think this wouldn't take that long. And here I am, 3 months after I originally started...still working on them.  I will (hopefully) be done this week and will post photos of my labor of love.