Friday, May 13, 2011

Green Thumb Here I Come

I'll admit it, even though I LOVE greenery, I don't have much of a green thumb and I don't know a thing about landscaping.  So this summer (all 3 months of it) I'm going to tackle my ridiculously boring front yard and add a little zing to it. I'm hoping to offset the long look of my ranch style house by adding some height.  And I want some color!

Here are some inspiration photos...

I love how the pots frame the front door
Between Naps on the Porch Blog

 These are the curves that I need to add to offset all of the straight lines

Loving all the gorgeous color

I love the use of rocks. With the wind we have here, I will have to go this route instead of mulch

And somewhere, I have to add my favorite flowers...


Cortneyloo said... Best Blogger Tips

I'll be doing the same thing this summer. I have a bit of a "black thumb" being that any plant I touch seems to die lol Our lot needs some pizzazz though so hopefully I can learn a thing or two. Good luck to you in your landscaping adventures!